Due to everything that is happening in the world, most of us seem to be having to step back and remain home as much as possible. With that being said, due to many of us being quarantined, there seems to be an itch in the air to redecorate.

This is why we have put together a guide on chic, trendy kitchen island upgrades that will inspire you to rearrange and fall in love with your kitchen space once again. These are the latest chic, trendy kitchen islands that will inspire you instantly.

For those that have never heard of pepper granite, it is similar to marble but with an edge. Pepper granite is traditionally darker in color and a bit more textured. Having the darker hue enables you to mix it with richer shades such as black and even brown.

Furthermore, pair it with light shades to truly fall in love with creating a contrast in the room. Consider a smaller island with some level within, to create a modern approach.

When in doubt, of what color to paint your kitchen consider white. White will always be a top favorite due to how expansive and minimal it can be. Furthermore, the color itself can instantly brighten a room.

Work with a white kitchen island to complete the look. Pair it with color stools to truly make some sort of contrast that makes the room feel as chic and modern as possible.